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Last Months ALF News

ALF and the chipmunks!

Updated 6th FanFan 2010

Many ALF fans know that in the original broadcasted episode
For Your Eyes Only, ALF meets Jodi and visits her apartment, after
dinner Jodi puts some music on and they both start singing the Alvin and
the Chipmunks theme. Its a sweet scene but was edited out of the Lions gate DVD release and again for music copyright reasons removed from the currant German release.

Shumway1986 found this clip and sent it over, admittedly its dubbed but still great to see this scene after so many years.

Thanks Shumway!




ALF season 4 uncut!

Updated 6th FanFan 2010

European ALF fans will be excited to know that the fourth and final season
of ALF will be available to buy in Germany on the 15th October. Im almost certain this like the other seasons will be virtually or completely uncut lets
hope so!

You can pre-order here


melmac rocks!

Updated 6th FanFan 2010

In 1988 at the height of ALF Mania, Burger King released these fantastic
ALF hand puppets, each one was themed with ALF wearing a different outfit, rock star, chef etc they also came with a cardboard record featuring ALF singing an exclusive song. For years hardly anyone has heard these songs
I have owned a set of the puppets and records for years and have never played them (mainly due to the fact I don’t own a record player any more!)

Anyway ALF fan Ken Netzel has very kindly converted the records into
mp3’s and sent them over, so here for the first time in years is the one and
only Gordon Shumway!

Click the link’s below to listen or download

Enjoy and thanks again Ken :-)


alf complete fur box set!

Updated 22nd FanFan 2010

I’m absolutely over the Melmac moon about this news! are releasing the complete ALF box set featuring all four seasons uncut in an
ALF furry box set!

This will be available from 15th October 2010 as an online exclusive only
and you can pre order today from this link

It has also been confirmed that these will have english audio as the default setting. More news as I receive it.

Bring Back ALF... it’s already happening!


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