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Welcome to Harble 2011 I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year
Igor over at ALFtv very kindly mailed me over his review and images of the recent ALF Complete Fur box set, which I hope you find as informative 
as I did. Thanks again Igor.
Don’t forget you can order your copy of the box set from this link

ALF complete box set review!

Updated 19 Harble 2011




the review

In the last 200 years Germans made some great things: a diesel engine, fluorescent lamp, toothpaste, mp3 format... and now they gave us the best DVD set of ALF (which I'd rate in importance just below toothpaste and 
above the fluorescent lamp).

After a big disappointment in 2004 when a syndicated version of ALF was released, we finally get to enjoy the whole show in DVD quality. No more shortened scenes that removed a lot of great moments. No more chewed up tapes with a few seconds missing from the start of each episode. Everything 
is here awaiting the touch of your remote. And it's safely wrapped up in a furry little box as part of the exclusive.

The box itself is a brilliant idea. The fur looks great and the big ALF letters almost glow in the dark. While you may initially be disappointed that only the spine is covered in fur, it does serve it's purpose by giving this boxset a distinctive and humorous look when put on the shelf with over DVDs.
Inside the box you'll find all four seasons, each placed in it's own regular sized DVD box that contains 4 discs and an insert listing episode info (name and number, writers, directors and a short summary, in German language only). 

It's also worth to note that the discs are easy to remove from the case, something that is often a problem with multi-DVD boxes. So in total you get 16 discs, 101 episode and 2394 minutes of show (as stated on the box). DVD regions are 2,4,5, video signal is in PAL 768 x 576 pixels, 4:3 aspect ratio, and the audio is mostly 1.0 and 2.0 Dolby Digital with following language settings:

Season 1: audio - German, French, English, Spanish; 
                 subtitles - German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish
Season 2: audio - German, French, English;
                 subtitles - German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish
Season 3: audio - German, French, English, Spanish;
                 subtitles - German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish
Season 4: audio - German, French, English, Spanish;
                 subtitles - German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish

The biggest objection I have with this edition is the disc menu. Episodes are only listed by number, meaning if you don't know the episode order by heart or can understand German from the insert, you'll have to guess which episode is the one you want to watch. It's not that big a deal as you can still check an episode guide online to find the specific episode, but it is an annoyance and I can't imagine why it was too difficult to include a name in chosen language next to the number.

There are also no special features here. Personally I'm a big fan of behind the scenes and I find they can greatly enhance the viewing experience and appreciation for a particular project (the documentaries included in Lord of Rings Extended Editions are the best example that comes to mind). So it's a shame we didn't get anything here, especially since there's very little information available on this show.

But despite these shortcomings this DVD set is still an excellent purchase. It's very likely that this will remain the best DVD release of ALF ever, so if you are a fan of the show there should be no more doubt on whether you should go for it. We might get lucky and get something with more extras on Blu-Ray someday, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. What's important here is that there are English audio and subtitles for every episode, that it's comes in a very cool wrapping and that it's available from a very respectable seller. The price might be slightly high (being at 71 euros ($95 USD) at the moment) but it's still cheaper than going for single seasons. Prices also tend to shift on Amazon often so it might be worthy to bookmark this item and check on it regularly. I've seen it go for as low as 66 euros and we can expect that it will become cheaper as time passes, unless it sells out of course...
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